Nacht national simulation center In memory of Gideon Weiss z"l

Nacht national simulation center In memory of Gideon Weiss z"l is a national center offering hands-on training and practice and acquisition of skills in various medical disciplines, using advanced simulators and actual practice in living tissue workshops. The simulators offer practice in a range of fields, including a wide range of surgical procedures, gastroenterology and endoscopic orthopedics procedures, alongside lifesaving paramedical procedures, allowing for learning and practice at varying degrees of complexity.

The simulators are intended for training of medical staffs from Shamir Medical Center and hospitals nationwide: physicians in all stages of training, residents, paramedical professions, and are used for practicing operations and medical procedures in diverse, structured models.

The center offers diverse courses and training programs, according to the staff’s experience and degree of professional training, under full supervision of the staff at Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh Hospital).

  • Lap Mentor
    Lap Mentor

    A trainer simulator for improving skills in laparoscopic procedures, for all levels, from basic skills such as camera control, use of tools and suturing, to practice and simulation of full procedures in the general surgery, gynecology and urology field.

  • Arthro Mentor
    Arthro Mentor

    A simulator for practicing endoscopic orthopedic procedures such as diagnosis and surgical management of knee, shoulder and hip disorders. The simulator allows orthopedists to practice in an environment that simulates reality and allows for reducing residents’ learning curve.

  • GI Mentor
    GI Mentor

    A simulator for practicing and increasing abilities and skills in procedures in the gastroenterology fields at all levels, from basic skills such as familiarization with instrumentation, control of the endoscope in diverse outlines to performing complex procedures by gastroscopy, colonoscopy, ERCP, and more, with an option for documentation and follow up for improving work and improving physicians’ ability.