Serological examination of the coronavirus

Do you want to know if you have antibodies to the coronavirus?

The serological examination detects antibodies to the coronavirus and allows you to know most likely if you have been exposed to the virus Even if you haven't experienced any symptoms.

A serological examination is a simple blood test that examines whether there are lgG antibodies in the body for the coronavirus. The antibodies are created in the body after exposure to the virus and over time, they may vaccinate us against the virus in future exposures.

The test quantitatively checks the level of antibodies against the proteins for the protein (s1s2) (Spike1spike 2) Includes a legend for the reference range for the result.

The examination is performed in accordance with the Ministry of Health's circular for the purpose of defining recovery (from 24/12/2021 reference 477860520)

What exactly do the results say?

A "positive" result meant that at a high level of certainty, the person had exposure to the coronavirus. The result does not definitively indicate the degree of immunity and duration of immunity to contagion.

A "negative result for defining recoveries" means no antibodies to the coronavirus have been found but does not exclude.

Operating hours

Sunday to Thursday from 7:30-18:00 call 08-9542168

The cost of a serological examination is 150

Serological examination and PCR testing at a cost of 300

The tests take place in an assignation "Check and Go" complex with direction from the entrance to an orderly parking lot.

It is only possible to make an appointment for children 6 years of age or older.

Receiving test results between 24 and 48 hours.

Arrival details Type in Waze Medical Center Shamir (Assaf Harofeh)