Who We Treat?

Insured Medical Indications - Referral by a Physician
Contact the Sagol Center by email hbo@shamir.gov.il, attach your referral and one of our customer care agents will contact you after our Physicians will review the case. Please make sure your contact information is correct and clear to read. Please be aware that this might take several days, yet we do try to review such medical requests with high priority.

Private Inquiries

If you are inquiring about the novel indications we treat such as age-related functional & cognitive decline, CVA, Traumatic Brain Injury, Chronic pain syndrome, and PTSD, please contact the Sagol Center by email. Your request will be assessed by the Sagol medical team, thus please attach a relevant medical history letter from the last 6 months. Once your file will be assessed one of our customer care agents will contact you and will let you know if it’s possible to schedule an initial appointment with Professor Efrati and his team.

Emergency Medical Indications

We operate 24 hours, yet one must turn first to the Shamir Medical Center Emergency Room for an initial medical assessment and review.

To make an inquiry, click here hbo@shamir.gov.il