The Best Doctors for 2021


As every year, Forbes magazine publishes a list of the best doctors in Israel, in the various specialties and subspecialties. In addition, the number of our doctors on the list is only growing.

The order of the list is by AB departments.

Allergy and Immunology
Prof. Arnon Elizur, Director of the Institute of Allergy, Immunology, and Pediatric Pulmonology.

Birth and Fertility
Prof. Ariel Horowitz, Director of the IVF Unit.

Dr. Itzhak Toshinsky, Pediatric Dentist specialist.

Prof. Carlos Ben Best Director of the Endocrine Institute.

Prof. Haim Gavriel, Director of the ENT Department and head and neck surgery (thyroid).
Dr. Natan Shlemkowitz, Director of Otoneurology, Hearing and Deafness, Dizziness and Tinnitus, Hearing Aid Implant.

Prof. efrat broide, Head of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition.

Dr. Anna Padoa, Director of the Urology and Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Service.

Prof. Zvi Vaknin , Head of Gynecology ward & Gyneco-oncology Unit.


Dr. Maya Koren-Michowitz, Head of Hematology and the Translational Hemato-Oncology Laboratory.
Dr. Naomi Levin – Rahimi, Director of the blood bank unit and a senior physician at the Hematology Institute.

Infectious Diseases
Prof. Miri Weinberger, Director of the Infectious Diseases Unit.

Internal medicine
Prof. Micha Rapaport, Director of Internal Medicine Department C, specialist in internal medicine and diabetes.


Prof. Morris Hartstein, Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
Dr. Ori Mahler, Ophthalmic Surgeon, cataract and refractive surgery.
Prof. Yair Morad, Head of the Pediatric and Strabismus Unit.


Dr. Dror Lindner, Deputy Director - Department A of Orthopedics.
Dr. Erez Avisar, Director of the Hand & Upper Extremity Surgery unit.
Dr. Gabriel Eger, Head of Orthopedic A.
Dr. Lionel Kopilovich - Specialist in Pediatric Orthopedics.
Prof. Yigal Mirovsky, Head of Orthopedic B.
Dr. Reuven Shitrit, Director of Pediatric Orthopedics.
Prof. Yigal Mirovsky, Head of Orthopedic B.
Dr. Yoram Anekstein, Director of the Spine Unit.
Dr. Yaron Bar Ziv, head of the Joint Replacement Service.

Prof. Michael Goldman - Head of the Pediatric Department.

Prof. Revital Gandelman-Merton, Director of the EEG and Epilepsy Unit.

Dr. Emil Margolin, Director of the Neurosurgery Unit.

Pediatrics Infectious Diseases
Prof. Mati Berkowitz, head of the Unit of Clinical Pharmacology and Toxology.

Pediatric Neurology
Prof. Haim Bassan, Director of the Pediatric Neurology & Development.

Dr. Sigal Tal, Head of the Imaging Institute.
Dr. Lior Koppel, Deputy Director of the Imaging Institute and Director of Computerized Tomography and Body Imaging.

Dr. Amir Ben Yehuda - Senior Surgeon in the Surgical Division.
Prof. Oded Zmora, Chair of surgery.
Dr. Osnat Zmora - Beloosesky, Head of Pediatric Surgery department.
Dr. Tami Karni, Director of the Breast Institute.

Prof. Amnon Zisman - urologist and urological surgeon, Head Department of Urology.
Dr. Amos Neeman - Urology Specialist, Head of Pediatric Urology Unit.
Prof. Kobi Stav - Director of the Neuro-Urology Unit.

Dr. Igor Rabin, Head of the Department of Vascular Surgery.