Dear Friends,

Dear friends,

In several days, at the Passover Seder dinner, family and friends will gather to read the Haggadah, tell the story of the Israelites’ exodus from Egypt and slavery, and celebrate our personal and national freedom. This year, with reports of the horrors of war reaching us from Ukraine, the gifts of sovereignty and liberty could not be more greatly appreciated.

Our commitment to the tenets of humane medical care has led us to take an active part in supporting refugees, medical staff, and threatened communities in the ongoing war in Europe. Members of our medical staff volunteer at the Israeli field hospital recently established in Ukraine, and others provide remote medical care through a dedicated telephone hotline. Shamir Medical Center participated in the preparation and shipment of medical relief and food supplies to Ukrainian refugees, and will continue to offer help as long as it is needed, even as we hope and pray that the war ends quickly.

Back at home, we are excited to share Shamir Medical Center’s continued growth and expansion, as it moves towards becoming Israel’s largest medical center. This short video provides a peek into our progress.

Meet the Benefactors introduces the Mandelbaum family, our cherished friends for over thirty years. We spoke with family member Merav Mandelbaum, who also chairs the JDC’s European council, who recently returned from a trip to the Polish-Ukrainian border, where JDC is offering support and relief to war refugees.

In the field of medical innovation, we share with you one of our most recent research studies: The presence of clowns in the Emergency Room to mitigate aggressive behavior towards staff, a study whose uplifting results will help hospital staff members around the world. And another study, in the field of orthopedic surgery, is set to change what we know about hip joint replacement procedures.

These achievements could not have been accomplished without your outstanding support and partnership. We thank each and every one of you and wish you and your loved ones happy Passover.

With best wishes,