Innovation Activities

: Collaborations

ICET collaborated with a growing group of members from a wide spectrum of fields and topics in the hospital setting, aims to expand their interests and deliberations on interactions between medicine, technology assessment, medical administration, epidemiology, medical informatics, and health economics.

 : A quarterly professional committee

: The interdisciplinary committee meeting quarterly is based on the following principles

The forum includes members who are first-line experts and leading personalities in the field of health care, among them.

Appraisal and analysis of medical technologies in a hospital setting.

Priority criteria for decision making are considered per each technology, integrating the clinical experience of the performing physician, (RWE), academic evidence, and additional information. The discussion also incorporates economic information, both locally (in a hospital) and on a national level, especially when considering expensive, complicated new technologies,

Analyze the impact of adopting new technologies: clinical, economic, social (patient and culture-oriented), alongside ethical and legal aspects. Major perspectives of physicians, managers, and patients are considered.

ICET insights of assessment of emerging medical technologies, tools for implementation, and future trends of adoption.

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