The Institute of Allergy, Immunology, and Pediatric Pulmonology

The Institute of Allergy Immunology and Pediatric Pulmonology, headed by Professor Arnon Elizur is a unique center, combining joint expertise in the fields of allergy and immunology as well as in the field of pediatric pulmonology. It serves approximately 10,000 patients per year, catering to a local diverse cultural and ethnic constituency. The Institute is dedicated to providing state of the art treatment for allergic diseases in children and adults, and for lung diseases in children. The combination of experts from the fields of allergy and pediatric pulmonology enables the center to provide comprehensive care for patients with asthma, addressing all aspects of their disease.  The Institute also treats patients with a broad spectrum of allergic and immunologic diseases, including allergies to foods, drugs and insect stings, allergic rhinitis, atopic and contact dermatitis, chronic urticaria and angioedema, and primary immunodeficiency. Patients are referred for diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases, such as recurrent pneumonias, stridor, congenital thoracic malformations, and primary ciliary dyskinesia. A variety of tests and procedures are routinely performed at the center, including allergy skin prick tests, patch tests, intradermal tests, allergen immunotherapy, oral food challenges, drug provocation tests, IVIG administration, and lung function studies (including exercise and methacholine challenges).

Personnel and facilities

The Institute has 7 physicians with expertise in Allergy and Clinical Immunology with backgrounds in both Pediatrics and Medicine, as well as physicians with expertise in Pediatric Pulmonology. In addition, the center has three full time nurses, three full time registered dietitians, two pulmonary function tests technicians, and five secretaries. The center also has an Immunology lab with one PhD research associate and two lab technicians. The presence of specialists in both Paediatrics and Medicine enables the team to address a wide variety of allergic diseased across all age groups. In addition, the combination of allergists and paediatric pulmonologists and the cross-talk between the disciplines creates a fruitful environment and allows for a comprehensive approach in the management of patients with asthma. 

The Institute of Allergy Immunology and Pediatric Pulmonology contains a 750 Sq. meter facility, including a pulmonary function testing suite, an allergy testing suite, a treatment area fully equipped with resuscitation equipment for emergencies, 7 physician rooms, 3 rooms for dieticians, a clinical coordinator’s office, a conference room, and a reception area and a lunchroom. A GMP facility, containing 50 Sq. meter area, is located in a different site of the Medical Centre. A research laboratory, located at the Asya and Michael Kogan Laboratory Complex, conducts the advanced research performed at the center.

The Center for Food Allergy

The Center for Food Allergy at the Institute of Allergy Immunology & Pediatric Pulmonology of the YSMC is home to one of the world's largest food allergy oral immunotherapy (OIT) treatment programs. The center performs groundbreaking work and research in the diagnosis and management of food allergy. The OIT program is unique within Israel, and in the last ten years has positively impacted on the lives of close to two thousand patients and their families.  Besides the individualized treatment approach to desensitization, quality of life issues are addressed by our psychologist, and with approaches such as medical clowns present during treatment. The center treats patients with allergies to milk, egg, peanut, sesame, and tree nuts with very high success rates.


In parallel with patient treatment, the program's research component comprises a significant part of its activities. There are multiple studies undergoing simultaneously, most aimed at developing and improving methodologies for accurate diagnosis of food allergy and for better management of food allergic patients. The research enables constant improvement in patient care. Some of the ground breaking studies previously published by the center include the impact of early introduction on the rate of food allergy, the identification and treatment of oral immunotherapy induced gastrointestinal and eosinophilic responses (OITIGER) and the diagnosis and management of tree nut allergy in the Nut Co-Reactivity – ACquiring Knowledge for Elimination Recommendations (NUT CRACKER) study.

Education and training

The Center has a 2-year fellowship program in Allergy and Clinical Immunology approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health. The Center is affiliated with Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University and takes part in education of its medical students in the fields of Allergy, Clinical immunology and Pediatric Pulmonology. The Center actively participates in scientific meetings of both the Israeli Association of Allergy and Clinical Immunology and of the Israeli Society of Pediatric Pulmonology, as well as in international meetings such as the Annual Meeting of the AAAAI, EAACI and WAO.