Coronavirus test before your flight

Flying abroad? Book your Corona test now!

The cost of the test is 150 NIS.

In addition, in accordance with the new guidelines of the Ministry of Health, we also perform an antigen test for those flying abroad at a cost of NIS 100, including an official medical passport in English.

* It is important to bring a passport or passport photo with you.

* Flying to China incurs a different cost, depending on the policy of the Chinese government.

You can arrive without making an appointment as follows:

Sun-Thu: 07:00-14:30.

* Test results/medical passport, will be available within 12 hours following the test.

* The test result will be sent only during business hours and on Friday until the beginning of Shabbat.

* The results are given in English and include: full name and passport number + medical passport.

For more details please call 08-9542168

A designated "Test and Drive" complex is signposted from the entrance of the medical center to an allocated parking lot.

In WAZE please enter Shamir Medical Center (Assaf Harofeh).